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Clothes do not make the man...

Not clothes, but a well chosen fragrance is the most beauftiful adornment, which adds splendor and charm. Appropirately matched perfumes products can reflect and complement the personality. People with a romantic nature choose floral scents. Strong personalities prefer strong, oriental fragrances... Individualists find original wood perfumes interesting. There is something about it. Show me your scent and I will tell you who you are....

Artur Trawinski, FM Group world

That is what Arthur Trawiniski says about perfume. Am sure he can know that since he is repos able for FM group fragrances.

Trawiniski started about 5 years ago exporting his products around the world. Now you can find FM products all around the world.

Fm products are already a Hugh success! Every one like it and every one buy's it. Yes, me too. Before I hardly buy a bottle and if I did I use it occasionally. Why? Because I could not afford to buy too much of it within a price range of $ 45.00 till $90.00 Now I use it every day, thanks to FM group. A bottle of 100ml for not even $30.00 I can use it every day.

In nowadays perfumes are used almost by everybody, especially FM perfumes.

How to choose your favorite perfume?

  • Just choose one of the top ten products?
  • Choose one because a famous movie star tells you to?
  • Cos u loved the commercial you saw?
  • U loves the bottle so much? Cos u loves the brand no matter what? Your friends love it?
  • Cos it's expensive, so it must be good?

    No! No! No! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    When you choose a perfume based on any of the items above, than your wasting your money!

    Sure you can buy an expensive one of a big brand name to show off to your friends... but they can not smell the brand, they can't smell the box, they can not smell the bottle!

    No matter which brand you buy, the basics are the same. Although there is not officially confirmed, each of the new fragrances are categorized to one of the following groups:

    Floral fragrances
    These fragrances are the most popular. Floral fragrances are designed either around the scent of only one flower, Jasmine in FM216 or around the floral bouquet, FM21, for example.

    Fruit fragrances
    These fragrances are often defined as fresh and light scents. They use the aromas of lemon, tangerine, orange blossom, melon, or grapefruit. FM06.

    Ocean fragrances
    These fragrances are based on synthetic ingredients which smell like fresh ocean waters. (FM07)

    Green fragrances
    Made with distinctive and fresh aromas like: grass, sour apples, lavender or woods.

    Oriental fragrances
    Fragrances are associated with Far East. Designed around exotic spices and flowers, sandalwood and resin... The oriental fragrances are strong.

    Chypre fragrances
    The basic note here is oak moss scent which gives it very specific aroma of soil. The complementary notes are: patchouli, rose or bergamot.

    So now you know what the basics are, is the next question, how to divide perfumes? Perfumes are divided according to the content of the fragrances used, for example:

  • Perfume for woman is 10 to 20% (FM 20%)
  • Eau de parfum for woman 8 to 15%
  • Eau de parfum for man 16% (only at FM)
  • Eau de toilette for woman 4 to 8%
  • Eau de cologne for men 3 to 5%

    Aftershaves lotions and splash cologne's used by men consists of 0.5 to 2% of perfume concentrate.

    Ok, now we finally go to know how to choose a perfume that suits you.

    Personally I think every one may choose the perfume they like, and want to wear following her intuition, personality and taste. I don't think choosing a fragrance according to hair and skin type is the best way.

    You wear the perfume you like and not because someone tells you which one suits you. You can do a test to see which perfume match your personality.

    But what if you don't like the scent at all? You have to change your personality now?

    Well, that is how I think about.

    What is the best time to make a choice?

    Some say go in the morning, others say go in the afternoon...

    ...It seems like you will never arrive there...

    So you just make your choice when you feel like, morning, evening when ever. You are the only one who can tell how you feel like at any moment of the day. Make sure you don't have a cold or feel too tired.

    Make sure your skin is free of any perfume if you are going to try, do not try more than a couple, after that you won't be able to recognize more scents. Seen those people who keep walking around, not to know what to buy? Try more than 3 and you may walk along with them.

    The top of the bottle or its cap is not the place to smell, if you want to know the real scent. If you do, you may only smell the alcohol or odor instead. Best way to smell it is on your skin.

    Spray some on your skin, wait about thirty seconds until the alcohol evaporates. Than you will be able to find out what the top notes are. The top notes do not last very long (highly volatile).

    The base notes have a profound influence on the blend. The base notes are long lasting (come out 15 min to 2 hours)

    Ok, now you got a new perfume. How to wear it properly?

    Apply perfume, after a shower or baths, your skin is nice and clean, and absorb the fragrance more thoroughly.

    Your fragrance should attract people to you, so don't use too much. Dab the perfume lightly on your pulse, wrists, and neckline, don't forget your earlobes and neck, on your chest, and elbow area, behind your knees and your inner thighs. Blood is closer to these areas, your skin is warmer, and the sent will more rapidly diffuse.

    If you're using a spray, squirt some on your pulse areas from a foot away to get an even distribution. Make a cloud, spray in the air a couple of times, and walk in it.

    FM group have also hair fragrances. That may be easier.

    Perfume yourself from the bottom up, heat will make it rise, that will make it last longer during the day.

    Scent wont retain that long on dry skin as on oily skin, oils in the skin join with the perfume, make it process slower.

    Use perfume on dry skin, at least twice a day. Make sure you use the same perfume. Another solution, use a moisturizer before applying your fragrance.

    Many are not conscious of the different scent body products they use, like, shower gel, body cream, body lotion, after save balm, and many more.. They use them all at once which causes a mess of smells.

    Like I said before, your fragrance should attract people to you, not the opposite... guesses what will happen if you use all those different scent together...yep, you probably will be alone the whole day...or night.

    Layer the use of body products, use scented body products like your perfume.

    Another tip: FM has a whole line with same scented products, body cream, shower gel, perfume...That way you are sure you don't mix different scent with each other.

    Did you know it takes about an hour before the fragrances develop with your natural scent?

    If not, now you know. So don't put on your cloth immediately after you wear perfume. Give it some time, so the scent to dry.

    Wearing your cloth immediately after, will rub off the fragrance from really being absorbed.

    Vary the amount of perfume you wear with the season, hot summer days, will make the scents tend to last longer, than on cold winter days.

    Now let me tell you what not to do:

  • Perfume tend to stain cloth and jewelry, do don't perfume with cloths on if possible.
  • Often I see people rubbing there wrist together, don't do that, you will ruin the scent.
  • Don't reapply perfume if u thinks it's not enough, a little is enough. You probably don't smell it, but others will.

    Therefore use different perfume every day, try to have at least 3 different one to use.

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