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Wrap yourself up with th gentle aroma of the most beautiful flowers. Immerse yourself in the velvet petals of roses, feel the satin coolness of orchids and the softness of jasmine flowers on your skin. You can enjoy the richness of flowers in every moment

FM 02Delightful notes of incense, jasmine, magnolia, pear and gooseberry.

FM 04Original notes of blackcurrant, cucumber, Italian lemon, freesia and magnolia.

fm02 FM 05A delectable and intriguing fragrance of sandalwood, coriander, rose and vanilla.

FM 06Delightfully selected notes of citruses and oak moss.

FM 07Charming aromas of sweet pea, freesia and jasmine.

FM 09This extract from green fruit, vanilla and musk will be deeply engraved in your memory.

FM 10Fresh notes of mandarin, rose, ivy and african orchid.

FM 11A stunning combination of fresh grass, coriander and coffee bean flavours.


FM 12A full of energy, hypnotic scent of passion fruit, vanilla, maple tree and jasmine.

FM 17A very sensual essence obtained through a combination of apple, freesia, tuberose and jasmine.

FM 18Radiant notes of orange, grapefruit and bergamot combined with the sweetness of jasmine and rose.

Throw and ethereal scarf over your shoulders weaved with the herbal aroma of patchouli and refreshing citrus notes. Let each of your movements raise a gentle breeze of precious cedar and oak moss..

FM 21A warm, dreamy scent of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang flower.

FM 23Sweet and very sensual notes of tangerine, jasmine and vanilla.

FM 24An exotic bouquet composed on the basis of the dominant scent of mango and mandarin.

FM 25A harmonious blend of freesia, iris, passion flower, exotic fruit and white cedar.


FM 26A fragrant oriental blend of orchid, magnolia and pepper.

FM 32An intriguing and ambiguous flavour of mandarin, blackberry and mango with the sweetness of honey and chocolate.

FM 33A refreshing power of jasmine, white rose, bamboo, apple and lemon.

FM 34Fresh wave of citruses, hyacinth and iris with a hint of patchouli and pink pepper.

fm18f FM 44A joy liberating fragrance of redcurrant, orchid and white cactus.

FM 80An intriguing scent of green mandarin, violet, notes of strawberry sorbet and caramelled popcorn.

FM 81An eccentric smell of magnolia, lily of the valley, rose and violet, broken by the gentleness of apple and green cucumber.

FM 84A sensual aroma of jasmine, violet, rose, musk and papaya. For You and for Him.

Vivid, intense cloros of citrus fruit express an unfetteredjoy of life. They boost energy and make life extremely colorful. Now you know what it is like to be dressed in the rays of sun

FM 97A frantic and extravagant scent of narcissus, lily of the valley, freesia, gardenia and oak moss.

FM 98A refreshing power of citruses deepened with sweet flowers and notes of wood.

FM 101A mysterious flavour of white musk, vanilla, incense, orange flower and pear.

FM 109A unique combination of vanilla, musk, wood accents, rose, jasmine and lily of the valley.

FM 122The essence of independence, for which jasmine, pomegranate and lily of the valley were the inspiration.

FM 123This fragrance emanates mild sensuality with an aroma of mandarin, freesia, ambergris


FM 125A spinning flavour of mandarin, gardenia, green peas and almond.

FM 127A pure, velvety fragrance of melon, cherry, jasmine, peony and pink musk.

FM 129A radiant fragrance of marigold, carambola, peony, watermelon and cedar wood.

FM 132An exclusive and mysterious aroma of gardenia, peony, orange, ambergris and tuberose.

FM 180A timeless, seductive flavour of raspberries, lychee, freesia, rose, patchouli and vanilla.

Just a few drops of the warm oriental compositions will make you feel relaxed and extremely alluring. Like a heroine from the book:The book of the Thousand Nights and One Night" you will adorn yourself with sensual aromas of vanilla, jasmine, tuberose and incense...

FM 181A playful and flirtatious aroma in which you will find citrus fruit, redcurrant and water lily.

FM 183A sexy combination of flavours of Helleborus flower, pink pepper, cranberry, Massoia tree and vanilla.

FM 185A feminine and incredibly sensual aroma of jasmine and basmati rice.

FM 187An intoxicating aroma of citruses, apricot, peony and orchid.

FM 250NEW! An exciting scent of lily, mimosa, iris, vanilla, sandalwood and fresh peach juice.

fm185 FM 251NEW! A deep and seductive aroma of rose, sandalwood, patchouli and iris roots.

FM 252NEW! An elegant aroma of calabrais bergamot, orange, juniper berries, cypress and almonds.

FM 253NEW! A sweet, magnetic scent of sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, pineapple, coconut and jasmine.

FM 254NEW! A delicate and ethereal aroma of mint, green cucumber, watermelon and cardamom.

FM 255NEW! A fascinating combination of nutmeg, damson plum, rosewood, linden tree, freesia and rose.

Warm and rich notes of sandalwood,patchouli and cedar oils entwine around your neck like the most beatiful jewels. These sophisticated wood compositions combine the delicacy of pearls, originality of emeralds and the splendour of diamonds......

FM 256NEW! An inspiring, sensual bouquet created with mandarin flowers, calla, lotus, rose and stephanotis.

FM 257NEW! A sophisticated composition, surprising because of the original combination of aromas of daisy, rose, jasmine, musk and patchouli.

FM 258NEW! A mysterious and seductive aroma of musk, ambergris, Moroccan rose and incense.

FM 259NEW! An exotic fragrance within its heart notes of violet, musk, patchouli, peony, vanilla and cloves pulsate.

FM 260NEW! A mild, fresh and tempting flavour of mandarin, violet, magnolia, jasmine and freesia.

FM 261NEW! An artistic ikebana arranged with lotus flowers, freesia, cyclamen, peony, carnation and tuberose.

fm256 FM 262NEW! This universal composition enchants with the charm of freesia, mandarin, sage, lily of the valley, marigold and narcissus.

FM 263NEW! A go-ahead scent of jasmine, tuberose, lily of the valley and musk mixed with the aroma of citruses and tropical wood.

Capacity: 30 ml, Regular price: $20.00, Price for member: $14.00

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