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Eau de parfume, classic

fmgroup perfume fm43

FM 43 An energetic scent of cardamom, pink pepper, mandarin, coriander and freesia.

FM 52 A hypnotic flavour of citruses, apples, cinnamon and clove.

FM 54 A mysterious aroma of bergamot, mint, sage, lavender, cedar and oak moss.

FM 56 Inflaming senses, extracted from honeysuckle, juniper, resin and cedar.

FM 57 A heavenly composition of apples, plums, cinnamon, pepper and Jamaican rum.

FM 60 Orange, mint, ginger, galanga, moss and musk. The scent of freedom.

FM 64 An elegant and sensual aroma of mandarin, anise, musk and olive flowers.

FM 66 Delicate notes of lavender and Chinese cedar, enriched with accords of lime and balsamic ambergris.

FM 68 A stimulating fragrance of cedar wood, lavender, tobacco, bergamot and lemon.

FM 82 A smile evoking subtle flavour of citruses, hot chili and musk.

Citrus..Addrenaline boost

fmgroup perfume fm84

FM 83 A delicate and captivating aroma of bergamot, accord of papyrus and sensual tones of musk.

FM 84m A sensual aroma of jasmine, violet, rose, musk and papaya. For You and for Her.

FM 85 A fresh, expressive and unusually lively aroma of bergamot, anise and vetiver!

FM 86 Space, freedom, notes of cypresses, cashmere, vetiver and musk. complete happiness.

FM 87 A unique gift of nature: rosewood, lime, pink grapefruit and orchid.

FM 93 A modern, lively fragrance of bergamot, ginger, lavender and ivy.

FM 107 The freshness of sea breeze combined with the delicacy of water lilies.

FM 110 The combined powers of vanilla, musk, amber, orange flower and lily of the valley.

FM 133 A light, disobliging flavour of bergamot, orange and sea breeze.

FM 134 An irresistible aroma of mandarin, sour orange and seaweed.

fmgroup perfume fm60

wood,exciting action

FM 135 Surprising with its intensity, flavour of mandarin, sour orange and seaweed.

FM 136 A unique scent of green apple, bergamot, cardamom and cedar wood.

FM 137 An exotic blend of citruses, palm leaves, basil, sage and coriander.

FM 140 A mix of bitterish smell of wormwood and exotic spices, deepened by the aromas of herbs and fruit.

FM 188 An acute aroma of ginger, nutmeg, pink pepper and guayacan.

FM 189 Lively and pulsating combination of grapefruit, raspberry, lavender and heliotrope.

FM 190 Extremely masculine scent of cedar wood, sandalwood and guayacan, sweetened with citruses.

FM 191 A unique freshness of citruses, cucumber, sage and nutmeg.

FM 205 NEW! A little careless refreshing flavour of mandarin, violet, rosemary, cypress and mint.

FM 206 NEW! A wild fragrance which explodes with the freshness of mint, lime, rum, rhubarb, cedar and green tea.

FM 207 NEW! A noble wood aroma broken with the freshness of patchouli, mandarin and apple.

FM 208 NEW! An ultramodern fragrance which seduces with the sharpness of pink pepper and sweetness of tangerine.

FM 209 NEW! An ebullient of emotions flavour of oak, cypress, juniper, amber, watermelon and sea breeze.

FM 210 NEW! Captivating with its freshness, aroma of mandarin, basil, mint and pear leaves.

fmgroup perfume fm56

chypre,intense sensations

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