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Earning money with FM Group, How i started

This is my story, how I start with FM Group.

Until a couple months ago, I did not know much about perfume. I never did hear about Fm Group. I was busy playing the lottery. I joint some syndicate, and I met some people there.

One day one guy send me an email with some information about the lottery. I wrote him back, and ask him who he is. Then he reply me back he is my up line in the lottery syndicate. He told me too there is a Meeting, if I like to attend , so I can get more information and how to find more people who want to join the lottery. It sounds good to me, so I accepted his invitation.

2 days later he picks me up and we went to a meeting.

I was surprised once arrived there. The meeting was not about the lottery. I got disappointed and kind of angry. I ask him what this is about. “I am not interested in selling perfume at all"! Since I drove with him, I had to stay there and listen what those people have to tell me, about perfume, selling perfume, and a name I never even had hear about.

There was like 30 people in the room. And many questions came up. How to sell this, is it not fake? Does it have any chance on the market? And many many more. I did not have any question, I was not Interested at all! I keep quiet, and listen.

Those people explain how it works, present a marketing plan. Yes, they present a marketing plan. I was still not interested. Even they explain, about the company, the fragrances. The family company who makeThis.

They also explain how they get the basic to make the perfume. They show us how the big brand name gets the same basics from the same manufacturer (DROM).

I also got presented the difference in price for the same scent. That was surprising! I realize than, I been fooled for many years by those big brand names. If I buy a perfume of one of those big brand name, and Pay almost $ 60, - than I pay for a lot I did not ask for! While the same scent cost max $ 20, - at FM Group.

Once back home, I still keep thinking what they have told me. I could not sleep the whole night, thinking over and over again. I though, I try to make extra income for many years, do all I find to do that.

Now they are presenting me GOLD, am I going to refuse it? Is it another trick from some people to make extra money and tell me a nice story?

I got out my bed, I could not sleep anyway, and I went on the internet. I check out the website of FM Group. I manage to download a marketing plan. I start to read it; I did not understand it all first time.

The next day I read it again, and again.

Than I call the guy, and I told them, ok, I want to try. I want to try to sell perfume.

The same day I got an email from him, with registration form and the same day I was listed as a distributor of FM Group. I order my starter kit, made my payment, and I got this in 3 days at home.

First thing I did, I start to smell, and compare with the brand named perfume I have at home. I did not smell any different. I did notice, the scent of FM Group is stronger. But then, I am not an expert.

So who is an expert around me? The only possible person, I know, who spend hours and hours in those shop to buy my wife.

I hand over her the starter kit, and told her what it is about. I ask her to compare. I know if she tells me its good than I can start selling perfume. If she would say it’s not, than I have wasted 51 euro, and will not Sell perfume.

When I got back home from work, I ask my wife if she did test and compare. When I saw her face, I was like, oh. This is not good. Her face shows a lot of question marks. I ask her again, well? What do You think?

She said to me: I cannot smell any difference! They smell same or stronger that the brand names!

That was for me the signal to start my business! Selling a product, which I was not interested in at all!

The next day I took the starter kit to work, and I start to show people around. Telling them I am selling perfume. Many interested, borrow the starter kit to check all out. I got many, yes nice, nice smell, but no Sales.

But that was ok with me; I don’t expected people to start buying right away.

But the next day some came to me, and ask for the starter kit to check it out again. And same day I made my first sale!

My first 29.90 points where in! Too bad, it was at the end of the month, so no extra Bonus for me that month.

It was a start, a start that has not stopped... till today.

In a week time I had already 5 people registered, that are the max number of people I can have in my first level. My team was start growing. The same month after I registered those 5 people I made sale Of over 2000 points! That is about 66 products.

I know then, I finally had found something that really works. Something I really can build on.

Now I have people in my down line from all around the word, from Thailand till USA. My business is going well and I hope it will only grow.

I make these days more than my salary! It's almost double!

I don't necessarily have to make sales to earn money; I do need to get my minimum points of 60 to get the bonus every month.

Since I am busy with helping my down line, I don't get that much time. I get the minimum points by purchasing or my self, things I need any way. Shower gels, cleaning stuff etc.

People around my area, they come to my house if they need anything, I don't need to ask them. Often When I get home, I get a note in my mail box with an order!

My team makes sales, more or less, it does not Mather, and I get all the points too, and still can get my bonus monthly. It does not mean I don't have to work for. For now my work is to find distributors for every one in my down line and help them build their network.

There is no one who will be left out, or will not make money. This system works.

The only thing I am sorry about is...that I did not know about FM Group before. I cannot imagine how much I would make now, if I would have join FM Group a year ago!

FM Group did change my life. I don't have to think about the money. I don't really have to be care full that I will not have any left at the end of the month. I just wonder now, when I will quit my job!

Well this is it for these time. I have more stories to tell, about my sales. I will update this here soon.

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