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FM Perfume

FM perfume products are of the highest quality and are made in Europe with scent essences supplied by Drom Fragrances International KG.

FM products source and use the same ingredients as the expensive designer brands but as they do not use Supermodels and expensive advertising campaigns in glossy magazines, or expensive department stores to promote their products they are able to bring you exceptional perfumes at reasonable prices.

FM Group offers a line of perfumes and cosmetics designed and produced entirely in Europe. There are scents offered for every person: From floral to woody, light to heavy and sporty to casual. Their products meet the highest European values for quality. Best of all they are offered to you for a fraction of the regular bottle of brand name perfume.

Designer perfume companies in general offer them either an Eau de perfume or most commonly Eau de toilettes in department and specialty stores. These are generally in concentrations of 8-16% for Eau de perfume and 4-6% for Eau de toilettes, the rest being made up of alcohol. Not the FM Group! FM fragrances offer stronger concentrations,

  • Ladies fragrances are perfumes with 20% concentration
  • Men's fragrances are Eau de perfume with 16% concentration (the difference in concentration for men's range is due a difference in the amount of oil produced in men's skin)

    fmgroup womans perfume A higher concentration of pure essence means that FM fragrances remaining longer on your skin. Now it is your moment to choose your favorite scent from the FM range of products and experience the quality for yourself.

    Choosing a new perfume can be a daunting task as there is such a large range of different fragrances on offer these days. The fragrance you wear can say a lot about who you are so it is important to persuade it correctly.

    fmgroup mans perfume

    FM Group include more than 160 assorted fragrances on offer making guaranteed there is one for everyone.

    FM fragrances are produced by Drom, one of the leading and most respected perfumery companies in the world today, with teams of international perfumers in Paris, Munich, New York and Sydney. Drom create fragrances for many other well famous recognisable brands, has over 100 years of tradition and expertise and is at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology and modern trends.

    FM Group as well produce luxury Shower Gels, antibacterial Deo Roll-Ons and Body Sprays in many of our most popular fragrances.

    On the following pages we will introduce you to the frangrances of FM Group.

    FM Group offer perfume products in the following collection

  • Luxruy collection
  • Floral collection
  • Pheromones collection
  • Inspiration collection
  • Classic collection
  • Fruit collection.

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