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Beauty is inside you. Learn how to show it

fmgroup perfume fm211

FM 211 LILAC Elder Flower, My heart belongs to you... - The stunning sweet aroma of Elderflowers can make you heart beat faster. This aroma is an invitation to joy and fun. It is up to you who you invite!

FM 212 VIOLET, I think of you - The happy and fresh notes of violet carry the emotions of early spring. Only first and innocent love smells so delicate and intense.

FM 213 LILY OF THE VALLY, I am Shy - The modest white bells of the Lily of the Valley are famous for their outstanding scent. Waiting among the green leaves, they wait until someone finds them and appreciates them.


FM 215 TUBEROSE, I want you - The very sweet and heady aroma of tuberose was considered the most powerful aphrodisiac in ancient times. The scent of the delicate flowers of tuberose is at its best in the evening

FM 216 JASMINE, Sensory Temptation - The warm and relaxing aroma of jasmine has accompanied the lovers of the Far East down the ages. You will discover that you need only a few drops to heighten your senses.

FM 217 ROSE, Can I love more... - Amongst the aroma of the rose petals you manifest your never ending love and devotion. Remember that the scent of roses can express more than a thousand words.

FM 218 ORANGE BLOSSOM, Charming Innocence - The delicate orange flowers emit their exotic and subtle aroma. This fragrance will emphasize your natural beauty.

Your natural beauty and sensitivity deserves to be exposed. Nothing underlines femininity as much as the wonderful smell of fresh flowers

Capacity: 50 ml, Regular price: $30.00, Price for member: $21.00

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