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Perfume products, how it started..

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Although relatively new to the market this firm can already claim to be the leaders in parfume. When Artur Trawiñski registered FM GROUP POLAND in September 2004, success was already in the air literally because his own family (whom have a strong history in the perfume industry) invested into the perfumery. Beautiful fragrances were the perfect choice: thousands of people buy perfumes all over the world. Initially FM GROUP offered 50 elegant and lasting fragrances

It, however, became apparent very quickly that its offerings needed to be increased today in its catalogue you can find 180 of the most fascinating scents in the world including ones enriched with pheromones. A brilliant, fast selling product is not enough to succeed in this great and most demanding of markets. FM GROUP decided on exclusivity and smell a combination of these two factors allowed for creation of an ideal product. It is worth to mention here that most of the popular and widely used fragrances on the market are Eau de Toilette's with an average 6% of perfume added. FM Group products contain 20% perfume.

Using essences of the most widely used producers in the world and releasing fragrances with high concentrations of perfume has given FM GROUP its renown not only amongst the lovers of beautiful fragrances but also amongst the most demanding of connoisseurs.

Shortening of the sales pathway to the client using direct selling methods means that the advertising and distribution costs are reduced to a minimum. This allows FM Group products to maintain a very attractive unit price, which would be impossible to achieve with traditional sales methods. FM GROUP WORLD acts as a club offering its members the highest quality products at unrepeatably low prices. This is our greatest success and it is based on trust and collaboration and this is why in our firm special emphasis is placed on communication. The most important priority for us is full transparency of our activities and of our supply system for only this can guarantee us the full trust of our distributors and maintain our cooperation with them, explains Artur Trawiñski.

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The breakthrough moment in the history of the firm was the expansion into international markets.

In January 2007 FM GROUP WORLD SP. K was formed, which continues FMGroups expansion into foreign markets.

The first agency was opened in the Czech Republic in 2005. Currently FM GROUP operates in 44 countries and is present on 4 continents, achieving in 2008 the turnover of 81 million PLN and a profit of 11 million PLN.

One of the strategic plans of the firm for 2009 is to open branches in Africa, with a branch in Nigeria and Ivory Coast now successfully opened. Currently discussions are being held in regards to the viability of opening a new branch in Gabon. Soon new branches in RPA, Morocco, Egypt, Norway and Thailand will be opened as well as at the end of the year in Argentina and Brasil. Cooperation with branches is based on a franchising system. Our potential franchisees are subject to the strictest selection procedures that guarantee that the cooperation will be stable and fruitful for all.

The key to the success of FM GROUP is the appropriate choice of its partners. From its inception the firm cooperates with Perfand a prominent producer of high class fragrances. This firm is located in Wrocław Poland and is quickly expanding its infrastructure to cope with the ever-increasing demand from the FM GROUP. A new production line is soon to be opened which will increase supply to around 5 million items per month. [Planned to start producing in May 2008. What is important is the fact that the firm is a family business with its owner Andrzej Trawiński being the father of Artur Trawiński, the creator of the FM Group concept.

Thanks to FM Group many young and talented people have found employment says Artur Trawiński,and so will a lot of others.

The firm is constantly growing, new markets are established and new products are introduced.

In a short time we have achieved a great success, however, we are still expanding. We aim to have FM GROUP products available around the globe. And looking at our achievements over the last 3 and a half years, I believe, we will achieve it.

FM GROUP WORLD has recently become an interesting partner for German carmaker Mercedes. We believe that our position as the unquestionable leader in perfumery and direct sales will allow us to promote Mercedes in the international business environment of our distributors.

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