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1. How would you describe your style?

  • a. Smart
  • b. Sporty
  • c. Romantic
  • d. Sensual

    2. If you could choose, how would you spend the next weekend?

  • a. Shopping in Milan
  • b. trip to the Mountains
  • c. Visiting Paris museums
  • d. discovering the mysteries of Marrakesh

    3. How many handbags do you have in your wardrobe?

  • a. You have 2-3 handbags for various occasions. Of course, there is a small, black cocktail bag among them
  • b. You don't have any, you prefer backpacks and shoulder bags
  • c. You have a few, though you constantly carry your favorite one
  • d. too many to count

    4. A bouquet of which flowers would bring you the most pleasure?

  • a. Roses
  • b. Violets
  • c. lilies of the valley
  • d. Jasmine

    5. Your favorite time of day is:

  • a. evening
  • b. early afternoon
  • c. Morning
  • d. Night

    6. How would you describe your personality?

  • a. Perfectionist - you won't rest until everything is correct
  • b. Individualist - you cherish your independence
  • c. altruist - you are always eager to help others, often forgetting about yourself
  • d. Winner - you can't remember the last time when things were not going great for you

    7. What is your dream jewel?

  • a. Precious diamond
  • b. Honey amber
  • c. Shiny pearl
  • d. Fiery Ruby

    8. Which of the following elements reflects your character?

  • a. earth
  • b. air
  • c. Water
  • d. Fire

    9. What do you do first when you get home from work?

  • a. Make sure the house is tidy, you hate mess and chaos
  • b. Read or exercise
  • c. Make dinner for your family
  • d. Relax by taking a long, hot bath with aromatic oils

    10. Do you care about tradition?

  • a. Yes, but you also like to experiment
  • b. No, you value your freedom of choice and independence
  • c. Yes, tradition is very important to you
  • d. You don't like to be restricted, but some traditions are important to you

    Check your answers and see which one you chose the most - a, B, c or d. See on below which Fragrance of FM harmonizes the best with your character.

    Quiz results

    a. If you marked mostly A answers, you will definitely love the fragrances of the floral - fruit and floral - oriental families. the blends within these groups are intense and tasteful, perfectly suited to, like beautiful jewels, complement an elegant woman's clothing. Sophisticated, sweet scents of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang flower, iris and violet combine in intriguing compositions to make you feel extremely attractive. You can also try the perfumes from the chypre family - refreshing, stylish and extremely sexy.

    b. Mostly B answers? It is clear that the most suitable perfumes for you will be vivid scents from the citrus family. You will definitely love them. Fresh, light aromas of bergamot, lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit will make you feel fresh and relaxed for the whole day. all your friends will envy you the citrus energy! and if you want a change and are looking for a sensual, but not too heavy, fragrance suitable for going out in the evening, you should consider choosing perfumes from the exquisite floral - water family.

    c. If in your case you chose mainly C answers, you should ask your distributor to familiarize you with fragrances from the wood and chypre families. You will undoubtedly like the warm and rich notes of sandalwood, the original smell of patchouli and the refined aroma of vetiver, which together create the sensuality and nobility of the wood family fragrances. On the other hand, fragrances from the chypre family are a bit more refreshing - thanks to aromatic cedar and bergamot oils.

    d. Did you mark mostly D answers? thinking of you, the oriental fragrances have been created. they are warm, sensual and seductive, and their exotic notes will certainly suit you. aromas of oriental balms and resins, vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom will make you feel like you are in Paradise! If you would like a change from these beautiful, though heavy fragrances, try perfumes belonging to the wood family. although lighter, these are equally sensual and their subtle fragrances will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

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