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Here are some Testimonials of clients and distributors.

The beautiful fragrances blended in Europe by the FM GROUP is giving me the confidence I need. They are staying at least 8hrs on the skin, while matching bath & body products help extend the life of the fragrance. FM GROUP do not rely on expensive advertising or lavish packaging so the savings are passed on to the consumer.

Whilst wearing FM 21, lady passing by said “I know this fragrance, it’s always so elegant, you can’t mistake it!”

Jan Pandopoulos


I absolutely love FM! Since I started wearing FM perfume, many people have commented on how fantastic the perfume smells and it lasts throughout the day while I'm working. The prices are affordable and my distributor has been wonderful, providing me with a personal service and finding me a perfume that suited me and my personality. I recommend everybody try FM fragrances for themselves.

From Cherry Dejos customer.


Here is my testimonial as a distributor:

Since joining the FM family, I have never looked back! After experiencing disappointment with other companies out there, I continued to search for a business opportunity that would give me a fantastic product range and a choice to run my business in a way that suits me. FM GROUP has given me the flexibility to be a mum to 3 and still enjoy the benefits the company has to offer. I now have the opportunity to work as little or as hard as I like but always with great results.

The greatest part about FM is that I have shared the opportunity to others who are now on their own journey with FM. This is an incredible company with a huge future and I am 100% positive that this is the best opportunity available out there! The people and support have always been amazing and I look forward to my many years with FM GROUP.



ID: 12xxxxx

Perhaps MLM is not for everyone however this is my story...

My start with the FM Group was very accidental. An aunty of mine came from Perth and (knowing my love for perfumes) brought me a gift. It so happened that it was a perfume from the FM range. I had never heard of it before but thought I would give it a try. The fragrance was AMAZING! This lead me to enquire further. It didn’t take very long before I was signing the membership papers as (being an avid bargain hunter) I couldn’t resist getting PERFUMES (not E.D.T.) at such low prices! I felt like I was almost stealing them! From then it has evolved itself (without much effort from me at all) as all the girls (and guys) at work who love good perfumes as much as me are also now HOOKED! One of the best things about FM is there are no commitments! A fling without strings! You buy/sell as much or little as you want (NO minimum monthly purchase).


"When I discovered FM fragrances I was amazed at the range and quality of the product. It was surprising to learn that many of the famous companies that market designer perfume do not actually make their perfume and that their perfumes don't have the highest levels of perfume essence on the market. Knowing that FM is 100% European made with some of the highest perfume concentrates is re-assuring. As a result the perfume lasts longer than the usual brands. At the price they sell for, its no wonder the FM fragrances are sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

I use them everyday and highly recommend FM's products."

Ana Dante. :-)


You will be fully satisfied with the FM products. These are not imitation, but rather the identical big name products and with extra partum. To avoid unnecessary cost of expensive packaging, the company uses a code to identify each item.

Trevor F.


being in many network companies I have found FM Group to be easier to sell no restrictions that’s one great advantage.

Many of my clients have been happy with FM fragrances, yes it does come in plain bottles if the fragrance is nice that’s the most important thing and its doesn’t smell like the imitation that you buy at the markets.

Belinda Di Pasqua – FM distributor

Brough Real Estate

“I signed up as a distributor for FM Group in October 2007 and can't believe the response I have had already. Christmas and New Year are known to be very quiet periods in this industry but for some reason I have seen no dip in the amount of people that are enquiring about becoming an FM distributor. When I signed up with FM I thought that for the £24.50 start up cost I would get the most basic package and that it probably wouldn’t be enough to get me going, but in fact what I received is all I needed, and got my money back twice over from profits on my first order! I can see the potential in this business and am very keen to develop my team, hopefully worldwide!”

Michelle Oliver – FM Group Independent Distributor, Sudbury Suffolk

“I work for another network marketing company and was holding a party at a house, when one of the guests approached me to ask if I would be interested in buying an FM fragrance, I had a look at the sample kit with 100 samples in but didn’t have time to smell then all so the lady asked me what my favourite type of fragrances are and she pulled out two from the fragrance family I like. They were very nice and lasted all night so I rang the lady the next day and ordered the 2 that I tried. They were delivered 2 days later. I was so pleased with them I have now signed up and sell them along with my other products and it is earning me lots more money!"

Name withheld

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